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Exclusive Portable Folding Lap Desk With Storage Activity Tray
Exclusive   Inflatable Indoor/Outdoor Easel
Exclusive   Color Pops Color-Your-Own Pillow Kit
Exclusive Grow Your Own Crystals Kit-Hedgehog
Super Slime Art
New! Super Slime Art
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Exclusive   ChalkScapes Sidewalk Chalk Rollers
Exclusive   Color Pops Color-Your-Own Plates
Color Pops Color-Your-Own Plates
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Exclusive ChalkScapes Enchanted Castle Set
ChalkScapes Enchanted Castle Set
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  Chalk Markers (set of 4)
Exclusive Color Pops® Crayons
Color Pops® Crayons
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Exclusive Color Pops® Paint-Your-Own Window Birdhouse
Today, many parents resort to technology to keep kids entertained on a hot summer day. While it may be appropriate at times, screen time can never take the place of the rewards children receive from playing and making things with their own hands. Arts and crafts activities offer so many benefits beyond the pure joy in creating something hand-made. Coloring, drawing, and requiring kids to use both hands in a certain manner improves motor skill development- setting the foundation for more complex tasks such as learning to write, and helping kids perform demanding dexterous tasks such as tearing paper or cutting with scissors. You'll notice that children become faster and more skilled in daily activities such as shoe tying, dressing, or using kitchenware when you give them plenty of practice with do-it-yourself arts and crafts kits and projects. Mastering skills and completing art projects helps kids gain confidence and perseverance, and allows them to express themselves in a more creative way. Participating in an art project or craft turns kids endless imagination into something more productive-and who knows when that may lead to a lucrative career such as graphic design! Gathering with friends and family members to craft together inspires kids to think critically and helps them socialize. If you're simply looking for a fun craft for a birthday party or play date, or want to add to your stash of available art projects at your school or early learning center, or maybe just want something on hand for an "I'm bored" kind of day, HearthSong has plenty to choose from. Create sidewalk murals with Chalkscapes chalk or chalk markers, design your own resin pets with Color Pops Paint-Your-Own-Rock pets, paint a masterpiece outdoors on the Inflatable Easel, or decorate your own Fantasy Fort. Inspire imagination and creativity, and get crafty with HearthSong!
Tue Oct 27 04:46:45 EDT 2020