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Meet the kids who have been nominated to have their programs supported.


Devin Devin's passion for helping others was sparked in 2005, just after Hurricane Katrina. Shocked by the devastation, Devin decided to sell lemonade and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross. In just three days she raised $620. She was inspired and initiated a lifelong passion for helping others. The following year, she started her own fundraising initiative, Devin's Drive. With the help of her friends Devin organized various projects including her yearly Lemon-Aid Sale, which brings in generous donations from the community, matched by private and corporate sponsors. Find out more about Devin's Drive.


Shelby Shelby saw a news article about girls donating their prom dresses for peers in need of a free dress. She was so captivated by this idea and decided to find a cause to get involved in. Shelby started a charitable organization within her elementary school known as "Kids Caring About Costumes." After Halloween, students are asked to donate a new or gently used Halloween costume. The following year, students in need of a costume will be invited to "Shop" for a free donated costume before Halloween. Find out more about Kids Caring About Costumes.

Cee Cee

Cee Cee Elephants Remember Joplin started when 8 year old Cee Cee and her mother heard a radio story about the tornadoes that hit Joplin MO and Cee Cee wanted to do something to help. They turned to something that she could do, knit elephants. With the support of friends and family, Cee Cee started a knit-a-thon and raised over $3000 for the Red Cross and other Joplin charities. Cee Cee continues to raise funds for various charities and believes in the motto, "Sometimes a little elephant can make a big difference." Find out more about Elephants Remember Joplin.


Keegan Keegan, diagnosed with a brain tumor, had to spend a lot of time in and out of hospitals. When he finished treatment he decided he wanted to do something to help other children in the same situation. Joined by his parents, he founded Team Keegan, a non-profit organization whose mission is to put a smile on the faces of children suffering from cancer by offering them a "prize" box filled with toys. After each struggle, the child can pick out a toy as a reward for being brave-and an incentive to continue being brave. Team Keegan believes that laughter and happiness is a huge key in the fight against childhood cancer. Find out more about Team-Keegan


Gabriella At the age of nine, Gabriella was diagnosed with a walnut-sized inoperable brain tumor, at which time she and her family literally began smashing walnuts with a frying plan as a symbolic gesture to support the battle against her tumor. Gabriella's energy and passion to help others motivated her to launch the Smashing Walnuts Foundation ("Crack the Cure!"), dedicated to finding a cure to childhood brain cancer. We honor the memory of Gabriella, who lost her battle to cancer on October 26, 2013. She ended each speech with "You may have a bad day today, but there's always a bright shining star to look forward to tomorrow." She will remain a bright star for us and for others, especially children with cancer, who will benefit in many ways from her can-do attitude: less talk and more action! She accomplished much in her short life, and when Congress was considering a bill to require the National Institutes of Health to allocate $126 million of appropriated funds for pediatric research, they named it after her: The Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act. The bill passed, with bipartisan support, on March 11, 2014. Find out more about Smashing Walnuts


Jackhenry Four years ago, at the age of one month, Jackhenry's little sister Eva was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. Since then, Jackhenry has worked to support research that will find a cure for Eva. Every October, he makes presentations on Hydrocephalus at elementary schools, and passes out trick-or-treat buckets so kids can raise money on Halloween and spread awareness of this life-threatening brain condition that affects millions but has very low awareness. Some people with Hydrocephalus endure over 100 brain surgeries in their lifetime, risking brain damage, stroke, coma, and death with each surgery and spending weeks to months in the hospital. Jackhenry encourages others to help make a difference and hopefully find a cure. Watch Jack and Eva's awareness video: Here

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