10 Perfect Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers

10 Perfect Valentine's Crafts for Preschoolers

While showing our love for one another is important every day, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go above and beyond! You don’t need to go out and buy tons of candy and flowers to make the day special for your kids. It’s an opportunity to bond and show your love for them with quality time and activities.

Need seasonal craft ideas perfect for little hands? Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or someone who just loves crafts, these Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers can be used as fun activities and to make handmade, thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

Candle Making Kit  1.     HearthSong’s DIY Natural Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Not to toot our own horn (toot toot!), but our candle making kit is an easy way for older preschoolers (5+) to make unique and handmade Valentine’s Day crafts. They can also create thoughtful gifts for the family. Each pack comes with 12 wax sheets and 6 yards of wicking to make 12 tall or 24 tapered candles!

This craft is best with adult supervision, so why not make it a family craft activity? (Admit it, Mom and Dad, you want to make crafts, too!)

10 Perfect Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers

2.     Toilet Paper Love Bugs

We know you go through plenty of toilet paper, so why not make use out of the rolls? Toilet paper roll crafts are fun, easy, and perfect for creative little hands. All you need are bare toilet paper rolls, construction paper, glue, scissors, and any decorative supplies you have on hand.

See a full tutorial with step-by-step instruction here. 

10 Perfect Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers

3.     A Map of My Heart

This craft is great for creating a meaningful gift or reminder of why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. As a bonus, kids develop fine motor skills by practicing their painting skills. All you need is some non-toxic paint (watercolors preferred), paper, a pen, and imagination.

View a full tutorial here.

10 Perfect Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers

4.     Paper Plate Owl Craft

Say “I Owl You!” with a pretty paper plate owl craft. Simply grab some white paper plates, pink or red paint, scrapbook paper, foam sheets, scissors, and glue.  

Don’t have paper plates or don’t want a potential paint mess? Purchase pink or red plates and start after the painting step!

See full step-by-step instructions here.

DIY Classic Friendship Bracelet-Making Kit with Thread

 5.     Friendship Bracelets

The classic friendship bracelet is sure to be a favorite! While there are many ways to design friendship bracelets, we think our DIY Classic Friendship Bracelet-Making Kit with Thread makes things easier for everyone. With adult supervision, preschoolers can join in on making their own bracelet by choosing their favorite colors. Each kit makes up to 8 bracelets, so consider doing the craft as a family.

10 Perfect Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers

 6.     Conversation Heart Photo Frame Keepsake

Sentimental and fun, all you need to make this frame are jumbo popsicle sticks, conversation hearts, and glue. Your child can choose between magnets or strings for display. For a glossy finish on the hearts, you can also buy glossy Modge Podge or a similar product.  

See full step-by-step instructions here.

10 Perfect Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers

 7.     Love Goggles

An oh-so-cute activity perfect for groups of children and kids’ Valentine’s parties, this affordable craft just needs three pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors! Once finished, each child will have an adorable “pair of glasses” to take home.

For extra fun, have a “photoshoot” with their glasses. Send each child home with their own photo as a souvenir.

See full step-by-step instructions here.

Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers

 8.     Valentine’s Dog

An adorable handmade craft for little dog lovers, children will have fun assembling their own Valentine’s Day dog. Gather black and white pom poms, stock paper, scissors, glue, and googly eyes to make the perfect pet.

 See full step-by-step instructions here.

Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers

9.     Paper Plate Cloud

It’s raining hearts! Have your little ones design their own paper plate clouds that rain hearts and smiling raindrops. You’ll need a paper plate, tape, glue, scissors, and colored paper of your choice. You can choose standard pink and red paper for classic hearts or mix things up with glittery paper for a pop of sparkle.

See full step-by-step instructions here.

Fingerprint Heart Tree

 This craft can stay a craft or be used as a personalized Valentine’s Day card! Simply grab white cardstock, paints, a pencil, tissue paper, and a ready hand to “grow” the perfect tree. The “leaves” are tiny hearts made of fingerprints.

See full step-by-step instructions here.

Need more ideas?

Don’t forget to check out HearthSong’s Pinterest with TONS of Valentine’s crafts ideas for preschoolers and everyone to enjoy together. Our Arts & Crafts Collection also stocks creative activities all year long!

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