7 Tips for the Homeschooling Family

7 Tips for the Homeschooling Family

A well-known quote states “School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.” 21st-century school buildings don't have to have bright red shiny doors, lockers lining the halls, or wall-to-wall chalkboards. Today, more and more families are choosing to homeschool their children—teaching them traditional academic subjects AND valuable life lessons right in the family room or at the kitchen table—and preparing and training up “tomorrow” with a fresh new outlook!

Kids are naturally creative and curious—they just need the right encouragement and supportive educational tools to continue growing and learning about the world around them. Parents and educators are no longer limited to pencils and paper, and they are also looking for alternative ways to teach and train children screen-free. Homeschooling is a great way to accomplish this—moms and dads enjoy the flexibility this alternative teaching method provides, and children love that there's a whole lotta playing through learning!

Whether you're outfitting an entire Montessori classroom, equipping a backyard playground for at-home recess and physical education, or just want some tools and toys to supplement your homeschool curriculum, we've gathered a wide selection of must-have homeschool supplies and products to help you. But don't just take our word for it—today, our customers have the mic as they share their thoughts on these favorite homeschooling tools, toys, and activities from HearthSong.

Functional Tools for the Home Classroom:
Clear some space in your family room or kitchen, and add these essential tools of the trade:
Roll-Up Chalk Mat with Chalk

“I purchased these for my nieces and nephew. They use them for creativity and school work. They love them!”

Bent Wooden Lap Desk

“My grandchildren love these. Especially helpful with home-schooling.”

3-in-1 Folding Tabletop Easel

“Sturdy and strong, fits perfectly at our table or the floor for both kids to enjoy taking turns! This has also been a huge bonus with homeschooling! This is a game changer for many reasons!”

Art & Music Class in the Family Room:
Encourage kids to show off their creativity and learn hands-on (literally) with a few of our customers' favorite arts & crafts and musical toys and supplies:
Jumbo Wooden Xylophone

“This [is] a gift for a special needs child. Large size, excellent quality, able to hang vertically make this ideal for this child.”

Beeswax Candle-Rolling Kit

“Really fun project, my kids enjoyed making the family usable gifts that smell great.”

4-in-1 Woodshop Carpentry Tool

“Perfect size for kids' hands! High-quality and hours of fun.”

Step Into the Kitchen Science Lab:
You'll love the look on your childrens' faces as they observe science and nature in action, right at your kitchen table:
Grow With Me Root Viewer

“The kids love watching the progress of their carrots from start to finish! They were amazed that they could eat something they actually grew themselves! Great learning tool!”

Grow Your Own Crystals Kit

“My nephew loved this little set and really let him see chemistry in action and a fun way to pique interest in science.”

Rock Tumbler & Jewelry-Making Kit

“Kids enjoy tumbling rocks and this kit has everything needed.”

Toys that Encourage Creative & Pretend Play:
Building, flying, or pretending—these kiddos love to express their creativity:
Colorful Butterfly Wings

“I love it—she put it right on! The purple pair got my 4 year old grand dancing (and flying) through the house for a couple of hours. Thank you for the joy!”

Fantasy Forts

“My daughter has used one at her daycare; it really holds up well.”

Tin Tea Set

“Our 3 1/2 year old grandson was so excited to get his own beautifully decorated tea set. His Dad and Mom often cook with him, now he has his own set. It's the perfect size for a child...sturdy and really beautiful and functional.”

Plush Campfire Set

“This set encourages imaginative play which is wonderful for these kiddos who are exposed to so much technology” (from a teacher).

Sensory Toys for Active Learners:
Kids learn best when all five of their senses are engaged. Here are some of our customers' favorite sensory toys to supplement home education:
Stackable Wooden Nesting Blocks

“My 8-year old grandchild was trying to teach the 4-year old grandchild and they laughed the whole time. They divided up the pieces and then traded back and forth to make their own designs.”


“My 8-year old daughter has autism/asperger's and LOVES this chair. She has been in it every day since we installed it two months ago. It has taken the usage well and is still firmly in place...She loves it so much that we have had to order a second one for our second daughter's room (who is 5, and does not have special needs). It must feel like being in a cozy tent.”

Your Backyard Gymnasium—PE in the Wide-Open Air:
No whistles and crowded locker rooms—these super-cool active toys and accessories outfit the perfect outdoor PE classroom:
Rainbow Flag Round Swing

“I use this swing for a home-based preschool. It encourages group play, is big enough to fit many children on and is safe. They love it.”

Climbing Dome

“The kids love this dome! We homeschool so I consider a playground in our yard essential.”

Ninjaline Obstacle Course Kits

“This obstacle course has given my grandchildren the opportunity to expend energy in a healthy, interactive way.”


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