Best Kids’ Gardening Tools Sets and Accessories

Best Kids’ Gardening Tools Sets and Accessories

Looking to begin your child’s gardening journey? Just like shoes or clothes, little hands need properly fitting tools to garden. If you’re looking for the perfect kids’ gardening sets with tools to match, we’ve curated some of our best products for blossoming gardeners.

Are Gardens Good for Kids?

We’re assuming you’re here because you already know that gardening is the coolest and has ample benefits for kids, but if you needed a reminder…

…Absolutely! Learning how to garden at any age is beneficial. For kids, teaching gardening skills early on in life has several proven benefits:

1.    Physical Health

Children greatly benefits from being in the Great Outdoors. Gardening encourages movement and outdoor activity, both great for a healthy body. Pulling weeds, planting seeds, and other repetitive movements is meditative and reduces stress.

Assuming you’re growing veggies or fruit, kids can find excitement in eating healthy foods they’ve grown themselves. It encourages a deeper love and appreciation of food and what it takes to go from the garden to their plates. Growing herbs can also show your child that a few simple plants can add lots of flavor to their favorite dishes.

Don’t forget that the sun, our best supplier of Vitamin D, is also great for bone and immune health. Just remember that even on a cloudy day, sunscreen is still required!

2.     Educational

What a great way to introduce STEM topics to kids with hands-on learning experiences! Learning how plants grow is both exciting and educational. Children learn how life cycles work, use logic to plant seeds where they will thrive, and can track their plants’ progress as they grow.

Teachers of all ages and stages can use gardening in their lessons. Whether you homeschool your own kids or teach 20 little ones, many valuable skills can grow alongside the plants.

3.     Social and Life Skills

Whether gardening with a sibling, parent, or friend, children can learn how to collaborate with others to create something awesome. And until the world invents a way to instantly grow food, patience is a requirement for any great gardener. Kids can track a plant’s progress throughout several weeks and months!

The Best Gardening Tools and Accessories for Kids

Looking to find your kid’s first gardening set and accessories? Check out our recommendations to make your child's gardening experience one to remember.

Grow With Me Adjustable Garden Tool Set and Child's Wheelbarrow Set

HearthSong Grow With Me Adjustable Garden Tool Set and Child's Wheelbarrow Set

Look no further for the best children’s gardening set with a wheelbarrow! A fantastic gardening starter set for kids, our Grow With Me set comes with four gardening tools (shovel, leaf rake, hoe, and soil rake) with soft-grip handles and adjustable metal shaft.

It also includes a red wheelbarrow to cart around leaves, dirt, and so much more. We designed our set with growing gardeners in mind, leaving plenty of room for growing bodies.

Best Kids’ Gardening Tools Sets and Accessories

 Back To The Roots Kids Grow Kit 4-Pack Bundle

There's more fun when there's more than one! Buy a bundle of kits from Back To The Roots for kids learning valuable STEM lessons or as a fun indoor gardening project.

The grow kits include 4 different organic growing kits, including a terrarium kit, sunflower, watermelon, and green bean packs.

Grow With Me Root Viewer

 HearthSong Grow With Me Root Viewer

It’s fun to learn how plants grow outside, but to satisfy curious minds who need to see to believe, our root viewer is the perfect educational tool. Its sustainable wooden construction is durable and inspires a love of nature.

Best of all, you can choose the seeds and watch a variety of different plants grow over time. The accompanying gardening journal encourages young naturalists to record each plant’s progress. It makes a great gardening gift for kids!

Hatley Rainwear Rain Boots

  Hatley Rainwear Rain Boots

Great boots make all the difference in the garden. Hatley's line of rain boots are great gardening accessories and come in many adorable colors and patterns kids will love to wear (think dinos, unicorns, and fierce tigers!).

Kids can enjoy the mess of gardening without the worry of tracking mud or dirt in the house. Clean with a quick hose spray and add some fuzzy boot liners for extra comfort.

5-Foot Grow with Me Garden Fort Structure

 HearthSong 5-Foot Grow With Me Garden Fort Structure

Ever made a fort out of plants? No? Isn’t it about time you did?

The 58"L x 48"W x 58"H supporting structure with ground tarp and netting can be assembled in the backyard and create a unique gardening space. Plant seeds around the base and watch them grow on, around, and over the walls! It makes a great garden project for kids.

JustForKids Kids' Work and Gardening Gloves

 JustForKids Kids' Work and Gardening Gloves

Protect little hands doing heavy duty projects with a pair of sturdy gloves! These JustForKids gloves are made of both cotton and premium leather for both maximum comfort and protection. Its rubber cuff keeps dirt out while still slipping on and off with ease.

HearthSong Grow With Me Watering Can and Garden Tools

HearthSong Grow With Me Watering Can and Garden Tools

You have the bigger tools like a rake, hoe, wheelbarrow, and rake, but what about the smaller tools? This set is a great addition to a child’s garden regimen.

These brightly colored tools are easy to carry and store and includes a trowel, fork, and hand rake with powder-coated steel and plastic handles. When kids are finished gardening, they can store their tools inside of the watering can.

Sage and Sill Cartoon Animal Succulent Planter

 Sage and Sill Cartoon Animal Succulent Planter

Succulents, air plants, and similar plants have boomed in popularity for their unique shape and simple care regimen. Add an extra layer of fun with Sage and Sill's whimsical succulent planters! Choose from a dinosaur, elephant, duck, whale, or a crocodile (or snag all of's just too hard to choose!).

HearthSong Grow With Me Triple Garden Planter

HearthSong Grow With Me Triple Garden Planter

If you have a small yard or want to grow plants on the patio, our Triple Garden Planter is roomy enough to grow herbs, veggies, and flowers. The triple-tiered design is spacious and modern for any home. Children can mix and match different plants to create botanical worlds fit for a secret garden or fairy wonderland…or just a cool backyard activity!

Have children’s garden ideas you’d like to share or want to show off how you’ve used our gardening sets?

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