Best Ways to Organize and Store Kids' New Toys

Best Ways to Organize and Store Kids' New Toys

Did your kids get a lot of new toys over the holidays? Don't know how in the world you're going to store all of them? If you've already decluttered (How to Declutter Toys) or just need new ideas for organizing the playroom with the new additions, we're here to help. 

We'll show you tips and tricks on how to organize and store your kids' new holiday toys with ease. As a bonus, we’ll throw in a few recommendations for multipurpose furniture. 

Best Ways to Organize and Store Kids' New Toys

Dedicate Spaces Just for Play

Playtime and imagination can happen anywhere, but it's much easier to dedicate a specific area for children to play. If you have a playroom for you child, it's much easier to manage toys when they are all in one space. 

If you need other places in your home for toys, make a specific spot in the room the toy area. That way when it is clean-up time, kids know where their toys should go. It also keeps your child's toy inventory in check, and you'll know how much of each kind of toy your child already owns. 

Organize Toys by Category

If you already have a play space, divide your child's toys into categories. If your child received new blocks, keep them with the other blocks. Rinse and repeat for dolls, action figures, and more. 

You can also organize toys by color, theme, or a learning skill. Determine which method would be best for you and your kids.

Ditch the Boxes

If you're certain you won't need to return a toy, it's perfectly fine to throw the box out. (Yes, even if it is a really good box!) Keep instructions and manuals for more elaborate toys in a separate container.


Labels help everyone! They help everyone, including little ones, keep track of where to keep their toys. For extra little ones, they can learn valuable reading skills from labels. 

For a craft activity, have your kids decorate the labels to make organization fun.

Best Ways to Organize and Store Kids' New Toys

Multipurpose Furniture 

Multipurpose furniture creates more space without cluttering up a room. You can find plenty of multipurpose furniture to match playroom décor or other rooms in the house. 

Best of all, a lot of multipurpose furniture can be used again and again to store other items as kids grow out of toys. It's an investment that will last! 

  • Storage Bins

If you already have a dedicated play space and are still overwhelmed by new toys, some of the best containers for toys are storage bins.There is an overwhelming amount of storage bins out there in different colors, sizes, and materials.

Large storage bins can be used to store away old toys or to quickly put them out of sight in the closet or under the bed for when you have guests over. Some of the best containers for toys are clear bins.

Clear bins are great for kids to see exactly what is inside, preventing the infamous toy dump.

Our pick: SAMLA Clear Box from Ikea

  • Chests

Toy storage chests are a classic storage method and can be decorated to match any room décor. Once they’ve outgrown the chest, you can repurpose it for other storage needs. Many toy chests can also double as a bench, so consider grabbing one with a cushion. 

Our pick: KidKraft Fill with Fun Toy Box from Kohl's

  • Tilted shelving
Little ones see all their options when presented with tilted shelving. Place little storage bins on the shelves and fill with their new favorite toys or craft items. It can be reused as a simple bookcase or to store items—such as office or school supplies 

Our pick: Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer with Shelf and 9 Storage Bins from Amazon

  • Toy storage cubes

Toy storage cubes are easy to store in shelves, corners of rooms, or...wherever, actually! They come in many different sizes, materials, and colors. If you’re looking for one to fit in a specific area or shelf, take measurements of the area before buying one you think looks pretty or “about the right size”.

Our pick: 13" X 13" Fabric Bin from Target

  • Toy storage shelves

A lot shelving is spacious, stylish, and perfect for toy storage. Pair with a few toy storage cubes and the play space is set. Cube shelving is perfectly paired with a few storage cubes or as a stand-alone storage space.

Our pick: 6 Cube Organizer from Target

  • Storage ottomans

 For big toy storage or play mats, why not try a storage ottoman? It's a spacious and comfy choice for any room in the house, especially living room toy storage. Some storage ottomans come with a table built inside to use on-demand. There are many to choose from, but we recommend one with an easily liftable lid.

Our pick: Mission Light Grey Storage Ottoman Bench from Home Depot

  • Baskets

Large baskets are perfect for storing bulky toys (like our Air Blaster Archery Set or our Battle Blasters) that don’t easily fit on shelves or storage containers. Plus, they’re ready to grab for on-the-go fun.

Our pick: Large Round Woven Plastic Storage Basket from Target

    What are your favorite ways to organize and store your kids' toys? Share with us on social media (@hearthsong_toys).


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