Turning a New Leaf: Fall Activities for Families

Parents holding up their child among fall leaves.

Family activities are fun year-round, but there's something special about autumn that is perfect for family bonding time. From seeing the gorgeous leaves to carving pumpkins, there's something for everyone to love.

Looking for something to do with the whole family? These fall activities for families are perfect for family bonding and getting into the spirit of the season. 

Fall Activities for Families

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Baby sitting in a pile of pumpkins.

Children and adults alike love picking out the perfect pumpkin. Yes, you could pick one from the store, but going to a pumpkin patch is an adventure for everyone.

Many kinds of pumpkins can be found at the pumpkin patch, so you can find the right one for everyone. 

Besides picking out pumpkins with the family, you can make a game out of the experience. Who can find the silliest looking pumpkin? The biggest? The smallest? It's up to you!

Many local pumpkin patches have additional activities for families to enjoy, like hay rides, apple bobbing, and crafts. Mix and match for a whole day of fall fun!

Once you bring your pumpkin(s) home, decide if it will be a decoration or part of a delicious new recipe to make together (may we suggest pie?). 

Pumpkin Carving

Now that you've gone to the pumpkin patch, why not carve your new pumpkin? 

With a pumpkin carving kit (and adult supervision!), carve your pumpkin with different designs. Make silly or scary faces or print out a template with a unique design. 

Does your family have a competitive streak? Why not have a contest with the best design? Or give prizes unique to each carved pumpkin so everyone has bragging rights. 

Use the scooped out “pumpkin gunk” in recipes and roast the seeds as a snack anyone can enjoy! 

Want to expand your creativity? Grab a gourd or squash to carve as well. After all, the first carving objects were turnips! (Seriously, check it out.)

Go Apple Picking

Three children holding up apples.

A popular tradition for many years, apple picking is one of many fall activities for families that go beyond visiting the orchard.

Choose your local apple orchard or go somewhere you've never visited before. Make it a stop on a family fall getaway or a day trip!

Once you're there, the fun really begins. Apple picking is just part of the experience. You can also talk to your children about how apples grow, how you're supporting local farms, and so much more.

Encourage your children to practice mindfulness by focusing on the environment around them. Join in with them. Close your eyes and be present. What do you smell? Hear? Feel the smooth texture of your freshly picked apples.

Once you've taken your fresh apples home, explore homemade recipes like applesauce and pie. Keep a few apples as a quick snack. 

Go on a Fall Leaves Tour


Kids and a parent throwing leaves in the air.

Want your children to learn more about plant life cycles and get some fresh air? Then a fall leaves tour is perfect for quality time and an educational experience. 

Take a drive in an area known to have gorgeous fall leaves on trees or go to a local park. If you have a backyard with trees, you can also make it an adventure right at home! 

Besides learning about how the leaves change, there are other activities that can continue the fun. Collect leaves to make into fall crafts, like a leaf collage, kids gardening, an autumn wreath, or a leaf garland. Make a scavenger hunt to find a leaf in as many colors and shades as possible. 

Tell Us Your Favorite Fall Activities for Families!

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