Gifts for Little Builders

Gifts for Little Builders
gifts for little builders
From pretend to practical, our Little Builders collection features creative construction play for carpenters and contractors in the making. Hone their skills with pretend-play and functional-play tools to bring their projects to life! 
take apart building kits

1. Stanley Jr. Take-A-Part Building Kits

Truck wild kids prepare the construction site and maintain the equipment with these take-a-part vehicle sets! Each set gives the gift of open-ended imaginative play that jumpstarts STEM learning with engineering basics. Each vehicle engages Lil’ Builders with its turning wheel, moving hinges, and approx. 20 parts to assemble and disassemble.

tool playhouse

2. Workshop Playhouse Tent & Pretend-Play Tool Set

Lil’ Builders delight in this all-in-one play workshop that’s complete with kid-sized realistic play tools. Whether they like to play construction work site with their favorite bulldozer and dump truck on the tent floor or set to work crafting imaginary woodworking projects, this play tent is a dream space for them (and is a great place to store their tools and trucks). Its spacious design includes a non-weight bearing workbench that can hold light objects like the included toy tools.

construction play kit

3. Construction Play Kit

Naturally appealing to kids, this sensory play dough kit allows them to explore and create to their hearts content and then do it all again the next day. Its silky-smooth texture feels sensational on little fingers and provides an interesting contrast to the included accessories and found objects from around the house. This unique dough is crafted from natural, high-quality, non-toxic, food-grade ingredients, is vegan, dairy-, nut- and soy-free to give parents peace of mind while kids are inspired to explore the world around them and imagine new ways to play!

cool tool

4. 4-in-1 Woodshop Carpentry Cool Tool

Build their confidence and skill with this working 4-in-1 carpentry tool. A lathe, jigsaw, sander and drill press, this functional, multi-purpose tool is a must-have for kids with a knack or interest in woodworking. While they complete projects, from wooden puzzles and toys to real furniture, kids master essential carpentry skills as they develop a deeper understanding of math and engineering principles. This designed-for-kids tool contains many built-in safety features and safety googles to protect them from possible injury.  It’s a winning addition to your Builder’s workshop!

yoto mini

5. Yoto Mini

Enjoy audiobooks, activities, and more on-the-go with Yoto Mini, an innovative alternative to smart devices. It provides all the educational benefits of internet-enabled devices without the risks and distractions so kids can play safely, and parents enjoy peace of mind. Using physical cards, kids explore their favorite topics and discover new and exciting ways to learn and play. Its unique design offers a myriad of conveniences from 20 hours of play time per charge to sleep sounds and a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

tool belt and tools

6. Stanley Jr. Belt & Real Working Tool Set

Your Big Builder is ready to work when they don this tool belt fitted with real, kid-sized tools! From birdhouse to clubhouses, this set has their projects covered with its included claw hammer, Phillips head screwdrivers in sizes #1 and #2, handsaw, bar clamp, metal file, 10’ tape measure, rules and safety googles. This perfect starter set is made to last for years of individual play and intergenerational collaboration so they can make memories while they craft.

pretend play tools

7. Stanley Jr. Pretend Play Tools

Fresh air and lifelike landscaping toys are the perfect combo to keep Lil’ Builders busily at play! Kids love to roll up their sleeves and help care for the yard with these battery-powered leaf blower with real air-blowing action and chainsaw with safe rotating chain. Each kid-sized power tool features a power trigger, lights, and realistic sounds. Perfect for pretend play, these STEM toys offer kids an active way to explore their world and learn valuable lessons about responsibilities around the home.

workbench and tool set

8. Stanley Jr. Workbench & Tool Set

With the ultimate maker’s space, tinkerers and craftskids alike are set for years of projects—from birdhouses to soap box derbies and everything in between. The spacious workbench features a full-length ruler and storage space to stow away tools and materials. Kid-sized tools feature an ergonomic design and are made to last build after build. Install indoors for a year round workshop and watch them create!

construction vehicle  pajamas

9. Truck & Tractor Organic Cotton Pajamas

Built for sweet dreams, these pjs’ playful print is perfect for the holiday season and all year round. They feature an organic cotton knit that's combed for extra softness, with super-smooth flatlock seams that surrounds them in first layer comfort for better sleep and better play the next day! Hand-me-down quality means that 50 washes from now they'll come from the dryer bright as ever.

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