Welcome to the Stage...Wee Gallery!

Welcome to the Stage...Wee Gallery!

You may have noticed that we're inviting new friends over to play. We want to share items with you that fulfill the infinite wonderlands of every child. 

Wee Gallery is developed by a team of parents (just like you!) who wanted visually-stimulating products for their own baby. They've brought a fun and creative world of animals and nature themes, thoughtfully designed to entertain and educate children from Day 1 to Day 1826.25 (that's 5 years!).  

We've curated some of our favorite products for you to discover. 

Why Black and White?

Wee Gallery knows that black and white is far from boring, especially for babies! Newborns can only see between 12 and 15 inches away, making the most meaningful images their parents' faces and simple geometric shapes. 

From birth to age three, your baby's brain is significantly developing. High-contrast imagery gives them opportunities to engage with visual exploration and stimuli...all while having a blast! 

Art Cards

Wee Gallery's black and white Art Cards feature adorable illustrations and provide ample interactions with your baby!

More than just entertainment, visual focus on a stimulus such as art cards can foster a sense of calm and coherence in visually busy spaces. A card placed over a diapering area can be used to redirect attention of wiggly infants, making diaper time a little easier on parents and caregivers. Furthermore, intriguing imagery invites commentary and conversation, encouraging adults to engage more with baby.

Choose from safari animals to woodland wanderers, and so much more. 

Crinkle Toys

Want to see the most adorable, sensory-stimulating toys in your LIFE? 

Wee Gallery's crinkle toys are made from a 100% organic cotton shell and have high-contrast designs. Whether you're at-home or on the go, Baby will be certain to find infinite joy in their noise and soft materials.

Plus, they're modeled after adorable animals and pair nicely with any nursery decor or theme. 

Nesting Blocks and Toys

Stack them, sort them, or decorate with them! Wee Gallery's nesting blocks are both beautiful and visually stimulating for an adventurous play experience.  

Bundles Fit for Your Littlest Bundle and Darling Gift Sets

Can't decide what to choose? What about a little of everything? Wee Gallery Bundles and Gift Sets combine themed products for a curated learning experience and aesthetically-pleasing toys perfect for nursery decor

They also make great gifts for expecting parents! They'e sure to be a hit at baby showers and so much more. 

Want More Wee Gallery?

We knew you would. Check out our full collection of Wee Gallery by clicking here

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