Patio Fun in the Sun: Kids Toys for the Patio...So You Can Relax

Two children playing on the patio with Hearthsong toy picks.

Summer isn't over yet! There's still time to make most of the sunshine and good vibes. If you're a parent, you know that getting time to relax is rare. Even taking a moment to focus on the present moment and breathe can be a hard squeeze.


The backyard patio space can be an oasis for making those small, but meaningful moments. Make more opportunities for relaxation happen by having a day of patio fun for the kids while you relax.


Hearthsong has backyard toys for kids that match or compliment any patio decor so you can keep your patio pretty and the kids occupied. Explore our top three favorite patio fun picks to let your little ones expand their imaginations.

Patio Fun Toys

Find a toy perfect for entertaining your kids while you take a moment to relax! Browse our best toys for patio fun below. 

Wooden Mud Kitchen Sensory Play Station with Metal Accessories

Want an interactive toy that allows kids to stay close to you but get out all of their wiggles? The Hearthsong Wooden Mud Kitchen Sensory Play Station with Metal Accessories has everything a kid needs to explore their senses!


Whether your kids are whipping up the latest stone soup concoction, splashing with toy boats, or running mini construction vehicles through sand or pebbles, it can handle it all. It’s a one-stop imagination station for your little mud-loving munchkins!


This beautiful 3'L x 1½'W x 3¼'H cypress wood kitchen set features painted-on burners and a chalkboard surface for children to announce their current menu or just scribble and doodle (chalk not included).


Little hands and ears will love the feel and sound of the clicking oven knobs and turning faucet handles, and there’s plenty of shelf space to hold the included 6-piece set of metal pans, spoon and spatula.


A removable plastic splash sink holds up to 2 gallons of water, or 28 pounds of sand or pebbles for sensory play.

Jr. Grill Master's Wooden BBQ Grill Set with Accessories

Does your kid BEG for you to let them help you grill? There's a way to let them "help" without the stress, mess, or potential hazards. Best of all, you can relax without worry.


Hearthsong's Jr. Grill Master's Wooden BBQ Grill Set with Accessories includes colorful wooden meat and vegetable skewers, tongs, and salt and pepper shakers—so your dreamer can cook up a tasty meal! It's a great gift for imaginative kids who love to role-play.


The red and black 32"L x 15"W x 25"H sturdy cedar pretend-play grill features a pretend grilling surface, a shelf for storage, and 2 temperature knobs that click when turned. The handle on the side gives the little chef a place to hang her apron or towel. Wheels are stationary; but this grill is so lightweight, it's easy to move to the patio or anywhere else your little grill master desires.

Hearthsong Wooden Chicken Coop and Felt Chickens Play Set

A real chicken coop can be expensive (and not at ALL approved by the HOA, sorry). Hearthsong's Wooden Chicken Coop and Felt Chickens are an adorable micro version of the real thing! Watch as your own little chicks excitedly create a little chicken family of their own while you enjoy relaxing alongside your own family.


Our solid pine Wooden Chicken Coop is made to last! It features working doors, a ramp, and a side portal. The Felt Chickens Play Set is handcrafted in Indonesia from soft felt and includes two nests with removable eggs, two hens, four chicks, and a rooster.

What Are Your Favorite Ways to Have Patio Fun in the Sun?

Tell us how you relax while the little ones play! Tag us in your videos and photos with @hearthsong_toys.

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