Put Some Spring in Your Step! 7 Adorable Spring Crafts for Kids

Our Color Pops Ladybugs and Dragonflies set.

Spring has sprung, and so has the potential for cool crafts! Great for the classroom and at home, these craft ideas are certain to keep little hands busy! 

We’ve curated some of our favorite spring crafts for kids from our own collection as well as favorites from social media and beyond.  

Your Guide to Awesome Spring Crafts for Kids

Three nature egg crafts.

Nature Eggs

Looking for some cute nature arts and crafts? Try out nature eggs! All you need is cardboard, a hot glue gun, and anything you can find in your backyard. (Remember: “Leaves of three, leave me be!”)

Cut the cardboard into egg shapes. Venture outside with your little ones to find decorations for their eggs, such as pebbles, leaves, dandelions, and other fun finds. Collect them in a bowl or basket and bring them inside. Use a hot glue gun to apply your scavenged finds on the cardboard. Let dry and enjoy!

See more ideas and full instructions on the Sprouting Wild Ones blog!

Inflatable Indoor/Outdoor Easel

Easy clean-up? Simple set-up? Yes to both! Your little artist can make their creations indoors and outdoors, rain or shine. Its durable vinyl is sturdy and reliable, so your children can keep creating as they please.

See what kinds of exciting creations they can make! 

Colorful cardstock on a board with clothespins.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

A craft and game in one! Also called a Nature Color Hunt, all you need is cardboard, colorful paper, and simple clothespins.

The colorful paper should be colors you can commonly find outside, so think of browns, reds, yellows, and greens. Cut the paper into rectangles and glue onto the cardboard.

Once dry, attached the clothespins to each colorful rectangle. Go on an outdoor adventure and find natural souvenirs that match each color. How many will you find?

Handprint lily complete craft.

Handprint Lillies

Love flowers but can’t keep them alive? Or maybe you have pets in the house that would try to eat the real deal? Handprint lilies are the perfect nature craft you can do as a family without mess or worry!

You’ll need white or pink paper, pipe cleaners, tape, and scissors. Trace the outline of your hand on the paper and then cut it out. Fold it so that it forms a funnel-shape and tape together. Curl the “fingers” of the paper lily with a marker or other round object. Place pipe cleaners inside and enjoy your new decoration!

For easy video instructions, visit the One Little Project blog.

Color Pops Paint-Your-Own Rocks

Want an easy spring craft that will last? Our Color Pops Paint-Your-Own Rocks come in three fun springtime designs with 12 weather-resistant paints, meaning your creations can live happily ever after in the garden!

Two paper plate bug crafts.

Paper Plate Bugs

Bees, grasshoppers, ladybugs, and so many other adorable “buzz-worthy” creations are a simple paper plate and paint away! You’ll also need some big popsicle sticks, colorful paper, pipe cleaners, glue, and googly eyes.

Bee and Ladybug: These are the two easiest, because it doesn’t involve any cutting! If your little one is still building their motor skills and need extra time to master scissors, this is the perfect craft. Once you have a bug of choice, paint the plate either red or yellow. For the bee, paint black stripes. For the ladybug, dip a pom-pom into black paint and apply for cute dots! Apply googly eyes for playful fun.

Grasshopper: Cut the paper plate in half. Paint green. Cut out ‘L’ shapes from green paper and glue to the straight half of the plate to look like legs. Cut out a circle for the head and apply googly eyes.

Caterpillar: Cut out a crescent shape from the paper plate. Cut a circle out of paper and glue to the front for the head. Decorate your caterpillar how you wish, whether it’s one color or all the colors.

See full instructions on the Little School of Smiths blog.

ChalkScapes Mandalas Sidewalk Stencils Chalk Art Kit

The weather is warmer and it’s time to get outside and play! When regular chalk doesn’t cut it, spruce up the sidewalk with our special sidewalk stencils. With three fun designs, what will you choose to create? Each set comes with 2 large stencils with tons of options for play!

Share your spring crafts for kids with us!

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