Pick the Perfect Zipline

Thinking About Purchasing a Zipline?
Here’s what you need to know!

Adding a zipline course to your backyard is the fastest way to transform your kids play space into a thrill zone! It adds excitement to birthday parties, an antidote to boredom, and a place for kids of all ages to play together. And besides the obvious fun factor of flying off the ground (safely, of course), ziplines help kids improve strength, balance, and athleticism. Parents can rest assured that our ziplines (available in 3 different lengths) are constructed of top-notch durable materials, and with your child's safety in mind:

Galvanized-steel cable

Galvanized-steel cable

Fully enclosed carriage with non slip handles

Fully-enclosed carriage with non slip handles

 A rubber coil to safely stop the rider

A rubber coil to safely stop the rider


So what’s the 411, or need-to-know, on preparing to install a zipline in your backyard? We’re glad you asked! Here are the top questions you might be asking when pondering whether to purchase a zipline:

Q: How much space will I need to install my zipline?   A: Our ziplines are available in 3 lengths—80, 100, or 150 feet. Keeping in mind that the cable will wrap around the tree at the end of your course.

You can use this diagram to help you decide which size kit to purchase:

HearthSong Zipline Installation   

Q: What about the trees—any recommendations?

A:Pick a straight, strong mature tree with a single non-split trunk. The tree at the start of your course should be between 36” and 54” in circumference. The tree at the finish of your course CAN be larger than 54” in circumference (just make sure it’s at least 36”).

Q: How do I make sure the pathway is safe?

A: Beneath the cable, the course should be soft, flat, and clear of all obstacles.

Q: Are there any additional tools I’ll need to install the zipline?

A: Just make sure you have an adjustable wrench, hand pliers, and a step ladder on hand…and also a partner to help!


Not only are the best materials researched and selected—all of our products also go through the rigorous safety testing required in the US for home playground equipment. These types of tests are performed through a third-party testing source; but we take it a step further by ALSO performing real-world testing in-house with our team of experts, parents and kids (a perk of being a staffer's kid—let's test the new zipline!) To make sure your child has the safest ride possible, we test for weight load and capacity based on the typical weight of the rider, while keeping into consideration that the momentum of swinging adds weight and pressure to the swing (allowing for a little wiggle room). Your 100 lb. 10-year old can safely kick her legs and feet and swing to her heart's content without worry of the swing not supporting her! Our ziplines are also tested for:

• Head, neck or finger entrapments
• Pinch points
• Sharp edges
• Protrusions

In addition, zipline materials are tested for heavy metals, including cadmium, phthalates, lead and chromium. We use UV-accelerated light testing, and simulate outdoor conditions such as salt water and extreme weather, to test the durability of your swing, and to prevent against rust and corrosion. And if ANYTHING doesn't pass the HearthSong standard, that swing goes back to the drawing board until it's just right for your family, and ours as well.

For questions regarding a specific swing, reach out to us at: Happy@HearthSong.com OR 888-271-7273.