Bigger. Better. Bijou Build!

Two Bijou Mainstays connected by webbing.

At Hearthsong, we value the learning and skill-building that comes from play. We're constantly on the hunt for the coolest, innovative picks for multigenerational play. That's why Bijou Build is one of our latest (and awesome-ist) picks. 

Open-ended. Modern. Plus, no plastic. Bijou Build is THE sustainable, customizable play experience that compliments the backyard and beyond. Designed for whole family fun, Bijou Build is made of teslin panels from recycled materials and adapts to your play needs. Best of all, unlike regular, one-use play structures, Bijou is designed for continued, long-term use and inspiration. 

Below, we're showing off our curated picks and how you can incorporate them into your play everyday. 

Bijou Build Mainstay

Three Bijou mainstays in a backyard.

Designed for kids and adults alike, the Bijou Build Mainstay is an easy-to-assemble, expandable structure that adapts to the biggest and brightest imaginations. Bijou is the world's only collapsible play structure able to transform into a whole new play station, so the fun keeps growing with your family year after year. 

Each Bijou Build Mainstay is made with powder-coated steel hinged top and UV-resistant permeable panels made using recycled water bottles and stainless steel hardware. 

Explore with a big doorway and 2-sided zipper, a panel with a window, a climbing wall with ABS rings and polyester webbing, and a solid "wall" for shelter. 

The materials also make it ideal for year-round use and blends perfectly with any house and yard decor. Its max weight of 250 lbs. withstands big play, all day.  

Bijou Sway Swing

A child sitting on the Bijou Sway Swing

Innovative, modern, and stylish enough to keep as backyard decor (and as the kids' next spaceship or traveling cloud), the Bijou Sway Swing is perfect for anyone from as young as 3 to as young-at-heart as 103! 

The sway base is made of the same polyester, UV resistant outdoor material as our Bijou panels and includes a cushion seat. This swing is perfect for year-round use, so play time is ALL of the time! 

Don't Forget the Connects!

Bijou Build Connects on model.

Designed for the Bijou Build Mainstay, the Bijou Connects set includes wood screws and 10 connector brackets to make assembly a breeze. 

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