Comfortable Halloween Costumes

Comfortable Halloween Costumes

Halloween is perhaps the BEST night of the year for our little dreamers. Moms and dads know that the most coveted and current kids' costumes of the year will fly off the big-box shelves faster than you can say "Trick or Treat". But once the box office has earned its buck on that popular new trend, those costumes will be moved to the clearance aisles. (Have you checked your dress-up bin lately?? Found some out–dated dress-up items? Just sayin'...)  

Do you want to be the mom or dad scrambling to pull together a last–minute idea for October 31st, or do you want something that will stand the test of time?

If you're like most busy moms, you've fallen prey to the last–minute Halloween costume mania and purchased an over–priced costume set that fit the current culture and movie scene, but was sure to be tossed into the "old costume" and dress–up bin. That old bin has a place and a time for imaginative play—but if you're looking for sensory–friendly, comfortable, affordable Halloween costumes that will stand the test of time—HearthSong has a variety of wings, costumes, and dress-up accessories that will fit every personality...and NEVER grow old or out of style!

The simple truth—moms and dads want quality, well–made, multi-functional and multi–purpose toys and accessories. Halloween costumes should be no different. HearthSong has lots of reasonably–priced options so that you can purchase for LOTS of kids. They are well–made for ALL your little players, ALL...YEAR...LONG with features such as:

  • Flowing polyester materials that move with the wind—you can use them in ANY play setting, indoors or outdoors
  • Comfortable materials that stand up to all–day play
  • Pair easily with any outfit—just throw them over your kids' comfortable sweats and tee–shirt—to adapt to any kind of weather
  • Large wingspan (46"–50") that appeals to all ages
  • Available in multiple designs, such as:
  • Imaginative:

  • Realistic:
  • Colorful:

HearthSong costumes have MORE than one play value—they WON'T be tossed into the recycling bin after October 31st. Your kiddos and dreamers will be pulling them out time and time again throughout the year. Halloween? Obviously! Mid-winter classroom reviver? Bring 'em out! Indoor imagination booster? Bring out the butterflies and unicorns! Spring is approaching? Don those wings! Summertime birthday party? Flutter away with your imagination!

All of our wings are constructed with soft, comfortable materials, and are made to withstand the regular active play of little dreamers—in the playroom, backyard, or around the block for trick–or–treating. They are light and easy to put on and take off by little trick;–or–treaters (take a breather, mom)...and the elastic shoulder straps and finger loops keep those wings outstretched the whole night (or day) through. Because they hardly touch your child's skin, these dress–up essentials are great for kids with sensitive skin or who may have sensory sensitivities.

Go further:

  • Use hypo–allergenic paints to embellish your kiddo's winged display of beauty and dress up kids' faces for the big night with colorful designs

Happy Haunting! Share your comfy, sensory–friendly Halloween costumes @hearthsong.

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