Spooky Good Fun: A Hearthsong Halloween Gift Guide for 2023

Fun pumpkins on a hay bale and wagon for Halloween.

Halloween isn't just about candy and costumes (but both of those things are awesome). Halloween is all about bringing your imagination to life, and making lasting memories with your kids. 

Encourage kids and kids-at-heart to go BIG with the celebration and masquerade all day and night! We're here to help. Our Halloween gift guide includes the best Halloween decor, sustainable costumes, and spooky good toys.

Hearthsong's Halloween Gift Guide

Two children holding up their decorated pumpkins.

Looking for boo-rific costume picks for a Halloween costume party? Need great decorations or making a spooky basket for your child? We've got quality costumes, spooky-themed toys, and colossal picks for the backyard and beyond prepped for Halloween fun

The Monster Mash

A fan of monsters? We have the bravest and baddest monsters around! We also have the silliest and sweetest ones, too. No matter your flavor of monster fun, there's something for every monster lover out there. 

Musical monsters will be in tune with the Loog Guitar Monster Tuner for stringed instruments. Blossoming counters will adore stacking and assembling 18 unique creatures with Hearthsong's Stacking Monsters Wooden Blocks

Halloween Decor

Calling all ghastly spirits! It's never too early to haunt it and dress up the yard so everyone knows you mean serious “boos”ness. 

Choose  ghostly decorations to suit your yard's needs or turn any home into a bat cave with Hearthsong's Light Up Bat Colony String Lights!

Costumes Galore

A unicorn. An astronaut. An astro-corn. A spy who is also a dragon. A dragon who is also a part-time volunteer firefighter. (Ironic? No…groundbreaking.) If you can wish it and dream it, there's a costume for it!

Hearthsong's selection of comfortable Halloween costumes can be used over and over again for dress-up and beyond. 

Halloween Activities

There's more fun to be had alongside trick-or-treating. If the kids have already taken a hay ride and picked out a pumpkin from the patch, don't fret! 

From crafts to light-up excitement, we have Halloween activities ready to bring home for the howl-idays. 

Become a mad scientist with a crystal kit (or several). Bring your creations to life (it's ALIVE!) with the moving Hexapod Explorer Model Kit.

Perfect Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is always a treat, but if you're looking for unique ways to decorate your pumpkins, Hearthsong's selection of pumpkin accessories are the real deal!

Give your pumpkins arms, silly faces, and so much more!

Want a talking pumpkin? Of course you do! Jabberin' Jack talks and sings, ready to entertain kids or Halloween party guests…no carving involved!

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