In My Imagination Era: Taylor Swift Inspired Toys for Each Album

Boy playing guitar.

Calling all Swifties! Taylor's songs are filled with imaginative language and scenarios. It's time to celebrate what makes these albums so magical to millions of people…including you! From fairy tales to countless love stories, there's so much to imagine and explore through play. 

Taylor Swift Inspired Toys for Your Swiftie

We've curated picks inspired by each of Taylor's albums, perfect for any of your (or your little ones') own “eras”. Whether you're snagging a gift for a birthday or creating the Taylor-themed playroom of your dreams, we have the perfect toys and accessories to delight budding fans and beyond. 

Taylor Swift (Debut)

Fans of Taylor Swift, Swift's debut album, are all about getting back to their “roots”. Maybe you're discovering how fun it is to sing or write your own songs. Or you're the kind of person who isn't afraid of a bit of mud and mess. Simple toys bring you loads of joy, because you know simple and down-to-earth are just as fun as the flashier stuff. 

We picked several items that reflect the energy of Taylor Swift. Loog Guitar's Pro Vi Acoustic Guitar is a great entry to your own fledgling songwriting dreams. Or take flight in your imagination with Hearthsong's Realistic Butterfly Wings!  


Two children play fighting with cardboard swords while child in the middle watches.

Fearless celebrates taking chances, believing in fairytales, and dreaming bigger every day. You dance in the rain and jump in puddles. You love magical stories of princesses and princes or knights making valiant missions for the betterment of their kingdom. You can find something magical in everything. 

Our Fearless-inspired picks are a celebration of your abundant creative power! Create your own love story with the Puppet Theater or go on an adventure with Razzle, our deluxe unicorn pal. 

Speak Now

Speak Now is all about being outspoken and ready for anything! It's also about living your truth and being the real you, always. If you love running with butterflies (or being one yourself), chasing stars, and seeing every day as an opportunity for magic, we have some great picks for play! 

Created a purple oasis with the Sparkling Lights Canopy or dance in the rain with one of several of our Colorful Butterfly Wings


Girl with a red sweater and yellow beanie playing in leaves.

Red is for anyone who loves cozy autumn nights,  sleepovers with s'mores and secrets, and of course, the color red. You put your heart into everything you do, but know that it's okay to take a break every now and then! You also know that feeling your feelings is more than okay…it's encouraged. 

To celebrate Red, learn a new campfire song on the Loog Ukulele (available in several colors, but admit that you want the red one) or dare to soar to new heights with the Red Galvanized Zipline. Go ahead, take risks!  


1989 marked Taylor's official move to the pop genre. If you're a 1989 kind of Swiftie, you've got big ideas and aren't afraid to show them. You're proud of exactly who you are and love play surrounded by your best pals (they ALWAYS have your back!). You're not afraid of trying something new. In fact, you're the very definition of adventurous! 

Kids with big ideas need toys that can handle their vast imaginations. Pretend you've just created your own New York-based fashion brand with the Design Studio or document your best adventure yet with Kidamento's Koko the Panda camera. Make your own transition to pop with a Blipbox or have tea in the city with our Weekend in Paris Tin Tea Set!


Admit it: you're kind of a rebel. Your ideas are unlike anyone has seen before. You'll never be bothered by what others think, preferring to march to the beat of your own drum. You also readily volunteer to play the villain in your backyard play. Oh, and you think monsters are the coolest. 

Our picks reflect the fierce nature of your play. Compete with pals on a Dinosaur Hop 'n Go or create a giant monster army with the Stacking Monsters


A fan of Lover? You're all about colors and loving life! You're ready to splash into a rainbow-filled world. You know clouds are made of cotton candy and pastels are always in trend. Even when you're down, you know the world is full of bright possibilities. It's easy when you're the reason why the world is a brighter place! 

Color your world with the ChalkScapes Spray Chalk, swing into action on the Rainbow Flag Round Swing, or live in a bubblegum pink world in the Balu Organics Premium Velvet Ball Pit


If you relate most to Folklore, you know the best tales are about secret gardens and stories from long ago. Your escape is an enchanted forest with mushrooms big enough to sit on. You don't mind a rainy day…it means you can make new crafts and listen to the droplets hit the window. 

Meet your friends in the garden with the secretive Garden Fort or hide away in our Constructagons Tree Fort


Two children reading in a tent.

Evermore is the older sibling of Folklore. If you're in your Evermore era, you love discovering the secrets of the forest, reading books beneath trees (or in a HugglePod), and looking at old photo albums. Your favorite season is fall, you adore taking walks when the leaves turn, and love staying inside to bake and sip new tea recipes. Your imagination gives you the power to see what's really happening beneath the surface. There's whole worlds beneath our feet if you look hard enough, and you're the one to find them!  

Have a private tea with stuffed pals with the Woodland Tea Set or whisper your secrets to the Owl Nesting Set


Ready to sparkle? If you're in your Midnights era, you're ready to shine and any time is play time. You love a great game of hide and seek and things that glow. You might need a reminder about going to bed on time, which is really hard for you to do with such an active mind!  

Celebrate everything Midnights by making friendship bracelets that sparkle as much as you! Or stay up finding fireflies with our Chasing Fireflies Hide 'n Seek Game.

Don't Forget the Cats!

Ch snuggling a gray cat.

Taylor's beloved cats (Meredith, Olivia, and Benjamin) are some of her biggest fans. Snag some of our curated products celebrating her favorite companions! 

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