The Fall Playroom Edit: Playroom Decor for Optimal Space (And Fun!)

Child relaxing on a bed with a stackable toy.

Ready…set…RESET! The cozy autumn breeze means it's time to make room for new toys during the holiday season. 

Did you know that having too much in the playroom can disrupt a child's ability to authentically connect and build skills with their toys? That's right—less really is more. 

We'll show you how to thin out items that are creating clutter instead of playful chatter. After you're done with cleaning, why not snag some playroom decor that optimizes space (and fun)? Many of our products can be used as storage, furniture, and functional play objects.

Ready to tackle the playroom? We're here to help you out with helpful suggestions! 

Quick Tips and Tricks on Decluttering the Playroom

Two kids in a playroom with many toys.

No need to purge everything (the kids probably won't let you, either)! But there's some simple ways to clear out what is no longer needed and to bring a fresh look to the playroom. Here's a quick list to help out: 

  1. Organize toys and objects into piles. Want to figure out which objects are in excess? Easy. put them into piles and see which piles look unruly. From there, pull out extras or toys your children have outgrown. 

  2. Divide into Donate, Keep, and Trash. In well-marked piles, boxes, or bags, divide the items. If your child is old enough, involve them in the process. Demonstrate that it is a good thing to regularly clean their playspace and let them take charge of what to place in each pile. 

  3. Clean the things you keep. Clean toys and furniture with safe sanitation methods. Encourage children to clean up after play by showing them where each object should go. (P.S. It's okay if it doesn't work out perfectly all of the time. Just getting into the habit can help instill better habits in kids!)  

(Psst…want a more in-depth description of how to declutter and organize your kids' toys? Check out our blog on the very same topic!)

Playroom Decor

Girl carrying items past the Cabin Dreams Bed Tent.

So you've gotten the playroom decluttered…what now? It's time to decorate the playspace with updated playroom decor

It can be as simple as decorating with fall leaves, pumpkins, or even ghosts for Halloween. But if the playroom needs a complete refresh, why not pick up some adorable new furniture to stay and display your child's toys and creations?

Our recommendations will turn your playroom into a true playspace with every inch. 

Tender Leaf Forest Table and Chairs

The Tender Leaf Forest Table is a sturdy plywood and rubberwood children's table with a removable chalkboard central panel. When the panel is removed, it reveals a hidden compartment to store many kinds of treasures!


Kids will appreciate a place to play with their toys and create something new. Parents love the quality craftsmanship put into making the table. It's a win-win! 

Cabin Dreams Bed Tent

A dreamy hideaway and pensive oasis in one! Our Cabin Dreams Bed Tent is the perfect place to create an imaginative play space or a soft, sleeping nook on the floor.

Your child will love their new hideaway where they can park their toys and come up with new scenarios to make things interesting. 

With two windows, little adventurers can see the outside world from the comfort of their tent. 

All Circles Play Box

The PlayBox All Set is designed to give kids the ultimate control of their play experience! The best of what All Circles has to offer is in this complete set.


Kids can connect each item in countless ways. Climb, slide, connect, hide, and have a lot of fun. This configuration is comprised of 1 Box, 1 Toy Chest, 1 Ramp and 1 Ladder.

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