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Mom and two kids running with giant inflatable football.

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If your kid is always on the go with NO signs of stopping, you have an active kid on your hands. If they had the chance, they'd run two marathons before breakfast or enroll in every local youth sports team. 

(They can't help it…it's in their DNA!)

Support their biggest dreams and active goals with our gifts for active kids. They're engaging and exciting enough for all sorts of future professional athletes! 

Gifts for Active Kids


1. 3-in-1 Pro Style Soccer Trainer Goal

Regular soccer is fun. Intergalactic soccer is better!

If you want to compete with the best in the universe, you'll need a training device that is capable of taking you to the next level. 

Our 3-in-1 Pro Style Soccer Trainer Goal includes three different training modes: a standard goal, a rebounder net, and a target shot trainer. 

Practice your own skills or invite your teammates to expand their skills before the Galaxy Tournament! You'll defeat the opposing Mars team in no time. 

2. All-in-1 Sports Set

Picking just one sport for an active kid? No way! 

Active kids love variety to enhance all of their skills. With our All-in-1 Sports Set, the possibilities are endless!  

Today it's soccer. Tomorrow, it's a mix of baseball and basketball. Then they'll finish out the week with lacrosse. Ambitious kids will try to find a way to do all four (and who are we to stop them?). 

Two-sided play enables your active kids to invite their best friends over to play. Or challenge a parent to battle it out with them (but not too much, remember your knees!).

This set is perfect for outdoor play, but can be taken inside during those cold winter months (or all of the time if you live in Antarctica).

Mastered all four sports? Create an obstacle course to keep the fun (and challenge) going!

3. Giant Double-Sided Inflatable Axe-Throwing and Ball-Toss Target Game

Legend has it that one awesome kid is able to make the perfect throw. Oh, it's you? Nice!

Our Giant Double-Sided Inflatable Axe-Throwing and Ball Toss Target Game is the perfect way to embrace your inner lumberjack and competitive edge. Wear your favorite flannel shirt and cap and head out to the forest to show your skills off to the squirrels! 

When you're tired of axe-throwing, simply switch to the other side and play a classic target game. Same concept, different flavor. 

And when Uncle Dan comes over and talks about being the best at axe-throwing and other target games, prove him wrong. Instantly. 

Children throwing balls and inflatable axes at the target.

4. 3-in-1 Adjustable Three-Square Game Set

Are you a a tiny, sports-playing insect? If you're not, what's stopping you from becoming one? 

With the Jumbo 3-in-1 Adjustable Three-Square Game Set, anyone can play an upgraded, jumbo version of tennis, badminton, and volleyball in their backyard. 

With oversized playing pieces, anyone can pretend they are an elite insect team facing off in a regular-sized human tournament. Or humans in a giant tournament…whichever is the coolest option for your team. 

Take it on vacation, to a grandparent's house, or to a friend's backyard party. With so much energy to spend, there's more than enough for a round of all three games! 

5. Giant Inflatable 2-in-1 Darts & Soccer

In the Sports Kingdom, sports mash-ups are not only encouraged, but required! Their latest invention? A soccer and darts combo for focused target practice.

Our Giant Inflatable 2-in-1 Darts & Soccer set is the glow-up to a typical soccer or darts game. Sports Kingdom residents appreciate the hook and loop design to “catch” the balls and darts on the target.

No matter how tempting it is to bring inside of the castle, keep it outside in the courtyard. The fine china will thank you! 

Found the Perfect Gift for Your Sporty Kid?

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