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Two children gardening.

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Constantly finding your kids outside, despite telling them it's dinner time at least 20 times? Maybe you struggle to find them on the ground because they're ALWAYS in a tree? Then you've got an outdoor enthusiast who never accepts anything less than a journey of the wildest dreams. 

Our gifts for nature-loving kids embrace your little nature guardian's interests.  

Gifts for Nature-Loving Kids


1. Woodland HugglePod

A pocket of nature in your backyard, the Woodland HugglePod is topped with a layer of leaves and includes three windows to peek through. The fabric door zips open and close

Read books about your favorite animals to yourself or your best stuffed animal. Take a peaceful, afternoon nap, and trade acorns with your best friends (you found some really cool ones on your hike the other day to share)! 

The Woodland HugglePod is wreathed with LED lights that twinkle like stars. Leave little treats like candy (or cool rocks your pals find) in the outside pocket to retrieve later.

2. 7-Foot A-Frame Tent with Sturdy Metal Poles

There's nothing better than becoming one with nature and staying up all night looking at the stars. While you're at it, find a place to crash!

Our 7-Foot A-Frame Tent can be used in the playroom or the backyard for real and pretend camping. It's spacious enough to hold several pals…or a LOT of stuffed friends! 

Peek out the windows to still see the stars as you snuggle with your favorite stuffed animals. Decorate your tent with string lights, pillows, and toys to make the place your own!

Its neutral design is perfect to compliment any home decor and outdoor furniture. 

3. Chasing Fireflies Hide 'n Seek Game

Your Hide ‘n Seek game needs to level up. Gone are the days of simply hiding in the backyard and finding friends. Now, it’s time to discover adorable fireflies!

Our Chasing Fireflies Hide ‘n Seek Game comes with 10 twinkling fireflies (five blue and five green in two jars) perfect for indoor or outdoor Hide ’n Seek championships. 

Have fun finding new places to sneak a firefly and see how long it takes your friends or family to find them. Give a prize to the person with the most creative hiding place.

Find all 10 and be rewarded by the Bug King for returning them to their rightful home!

Little hands with a green firefly toy.

4. Grow With Me Gardening Tools

Looking for more outdoor gifts for kids? There's nothing more outdoorsy than growing your own plants with your very own tools! 

Our Grow With Me line has adjustable tools for little hands to begin their lucrative gardening careers.  

Build an enchanted garden with the Garden Fort Structure and tend to your blossoming plants with the Grow With Me Watering Can and Garden Tools

Tackle weeds and dig the perfect place for a new flower bed with the Telescoping Garden Tool Set and carry your plant treasures in the Child's Wheelbarrow

What kinds of magic will you grow?

Two children gardening with Grow With Me tool set.

5. Woodland Tea Set

Care to have tea…with a bear? Or 50 tea-loving bunnies? No matter the creatures you invite, our Woodland Tea Set is a hit with any nature-loving kid! 

Your set comes with 15 pieces, all easily stored inside of an adorable, matching carrying case. Delight in the matching woodland-themed illustrations, from a fluffy white bunny to a friendly brown bear. Your new forest friends are so excited to be included in your matching tea set! 

Remember that real liquids mess with the magic, so stick to imagination tea and delicious snack foods instead. 

Child playing with Woodland Tea Set with the set in focus.

6. Plush Campfire Set

Been on a long, tiring journey? Even the best playmates deserve a break, but not everyone has the ideal place to make a restful campfire in the backyard

Share stories of your greatest adventures and make delicious s'mores to share with pals thanks to our Plush Campfire Set!

Assemble your set with the stone border surround, flames, and logs to make your own tiny campfire. Then, make “s'mores” with the plush graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow pieces.

Pair with a tent for ultimate immersion! 

Found the Right Gifts for Your Nature-Loving Kids?

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