Holiday Gift Guide 2023 | Living The (Day) Dream: Gifts for Imaginative Kids

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Hearthsong's 2023 Holiday Gift Guides

We're your destination to the best holiday gifts for your child. Shop our curated guides and watch your child's imagination sparkle. 

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Does your kid gaze out the window in the car, lost in a world of their creation? Do they gaze at the stars and give them each a name and an elaborate backstory better than your mother's soap operas? 

If your child is the type to make every trip to the grocery store a secret mission to gather clues for a mystery they need to solve, you might have a daydreamer on your hands. 

Our gifts for imaginative kids enhance their play-tential by giving them the tools to think bigger, higher, and better. 

Gifts for Imaginative Kids and Daydreamers


1. Fairy-Themed Tin Tea Set

Daydreamers are often surrounded by persistent creatures, especially fairies. Fairies love to cause mischief and need a distraction to keep them from destructive boredom.

Delight in an afternoon with your best fairy friends…by inviting them to tea! Hearthsong's Fairy-Themed Tin Tea Set is decorated with curious fairies and accompanying florals and forest creatures.

This fairy tea set is great for any dreamer! Don't forget to bring your other friends—real and stuffed—to what promises to be the best tea party of the century. At least until you throw another party tomorrow…you outdo yourself every time! 

Our durable tin tea cups are perfect for pretend tea and imaginary potions (real liquids meddle with the magic), and the matching plates have plenty of space for the teeniest and sweetest treats. 

Packing up your play tea set is easy thanks to its matching cardboard carrying case. All 15 pieces tuck away to be used for another day.

Any day is a day for a fairy tea party, so act like it! 

2. Sparkling Lights Light-Up Canopy

Why aren't they down for dinner yet? Oh, it's because they haven't returned from their trip to Paris…or was it Florence? 

No matter where they travel, our Sparkling Lights Light-Up Canopy becomes a magical refuge for your little dreamers, a portal to a fancy European cafe, or a place for stargazing. This bed canopy tent is the ideal hideaway for kids who love a little sparkle in their life.  

Gently lit with LED lights this play space can be hung above a bed or in their favorite reading spot for luxe solitude. Choose from purple, pink, or white. 

Where will they go next? Who knows? Maybe you'll get to help them pick their next destination adventure (and get to come along). 

3. Fabric Wings

Assemble a flight of darling dragons and unstoppable unicorns to take the throne from a corrupt royal court. Who will reign supreme? Only a terrific battle can decide. 

Or maybe today is a day for butterflies and owls to take flight together.

Our Fabric Wings are ready to equip for year-round dress up play. Crafted of durable, translucent fabric and a vibrant, double-sided design, these wings inspires fresh play ideas every day.

Each pair of wings comes in two delightful colors, so everyone can have their own version for playtime. Or buy multiples of each color and have the best “fantasy” sports team known to the universe. 

Choose from a variety of costume wings, including butterfly wings costumes, dragon wings costumes, unicorn wings costumes, and beyond. 

4. Secret Garden Travel Dollhouse Set

Sometimes, you need to consult the experts on-the-go. Kids live busy lives, and having their best fairy friends with them is essential. 

The Secret Garden Travel Dollhouse Set includes an enchanted green suitcase with a stunning forest scene on the inside, giving access to a world smaller, but mightier than the universe.

You'll also find four pieces of tree trunk furniture (designed with real wood) and two fairies ready for play or serious business. (You have a meeting at 2 ‘o clock with your stuffed bears…don’t make them wait!)

When you're whisked away to foreign lands (or Grandma's house), this portable doll suitcase is the perfect answer for on-the-go play.  

5. Castle Fantasy Fort Kits

Not just any castle will do. And living in the same castle every day is old news. 

With our Castle Fantasy Fort Kits, anyone can build a castle worthy of their reign. When a castle gets too comfy, transform it into a fort ready for battle.  

Each fort kit provides the backdrop for archeological exploration, hidden dragon treasures, and haunted castle stays.

Its realistic stone pattern sparks curiosity and a desire to build something great. The innovative double-sided hook and loop tape is easy to fasten and unfasten, allowing you to redesign your fort over and over, and the additional carton building clips support second stories. 

Be a knight in shining armor or a dragon guarding your treasure! 

6. Tree Fort Kit with Furniture and Woodland Friends Dolls

Ever wished you were tiny? Like, adorably small? Well…it's come true! The Tree Fort Kit with Furniture and Woodland Friends Dolls is your own village with a bunch of miniature forest friends and animals is the perfect refuge for wandering minds. 

Forage for decorations for your new friends by including moss, sticks, rocks, and other treasures to make your tree fort truly unique. 

Listen to what each animal wants and bring them the treasures they desire. Bring the Woodland Friend Family new furniture to spruce up the home!

Each kit is designed with salvaged branches of rubberwood trees from sustainable forests, so no one kit will look exactly the same. 

Decorate with floral blossoms and leaves to make their world a little more magical.

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