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Three children painting on our Double-Sided Easel.

Hearthsong's 2023 Holiday Gift Guides

We're your destination to the best holiday gifts for your child. Shop our curated guides and watch your child's play experience sparkle. 

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Your kid is the kind to have a creative use for everything. Old crayons turn into a new facet of their latest craft. They can turn toilet paper rolls into rabbits and make a sequined cape out of the blanket they outgrew (they weren't supposed to do that, but it's still very impressive). 

They might have an impressive sticker collection or bins filled to the brim with colored pencils and markers. Their hands are never free from paint. The world is their palette, and they'll never stop making something even cooler. 

Our gifts for artsy kids encourage artistic exploration and massive play-tential. Browse our top picks for the Holiday 2023 season to gift bigger and better. 

Gifts for Artsy Kids


1. Double-Sided Inflatable Easel

Why choose an art easel for kids with just one side when there's one with two

With our Double-Sided Inflatable Easel, create with a pal or use both sides for your own creations. Make one side your practice version and the other your final masterpiece. 

Make it more interesting with a timed competition! Who can paint their dog the fastest? Or try to guess what the other person has painted. Can you do it in three tries? Two? Even one? 

Child painting with our inflatable easel.

2. Chalkscapes Fantasy Fort Kit

Your whole kingdom is colorful, every corner a new hue. Why not grab a fort kit that can match your potential? 

Our Chalkscapes Fantasy Fort Kit features dual-sided panels that allow young artists to draw and color a new mural every day.  

Not only can you build your own fort, you can design it how you want it! And when that gets boring? Do it again! And again. And again. And…you get it. 

Our ChalkScapes Fantasy Forts Kit.

3. Beeswax Candle Kits

Scenario: You live in an enchanted forest and are a local crafter. You've got to get your latest and greatest products ready before the Holiday Forest Market. 

Gather the right materials and sell your wares to your favorite customers, like Mrs. Rabbit (she loves your carrot-themed candles). 

Our Beeswax Candle Kits are the perfect starter kit for little crafters. The sweet smell of natural beeswax, the vibrant color of each sheet, and the pleasant feel of the wax on their fingers make this DIY candle kit a delightful sensory and creative play activity. 

This candle kit includes enough materials to make 24 small candles (or 12 tall candles).

This must-have set is a practical and crafty gift for any artsy kid! 

4. Chalkscapes Sidewalk Stencil Art Kit

Design a universe on the sidewalk. Already done? Then dive into an ocean of color and wonder. Or maybe you're more in the mood to create a portal to an enchanted forest.  

Whatever  you choose, it's easier than ever thanks to our Chalkscapes Sidewalk Stencil Art Kits

This kit includes everything you need to take art outdoors—2 large stencils (each quadrant a unique pattern), 24 stick chalks, 6 jumbo chalks, and 2 chalk holders.

Choose from Butterflies & Flowers, Stars & Geometric, and Sea & Land (or choose all three to mix and match!).

Expand the possible applications with existing art supplies and mix media for added texture and depth. Use washable paint or dry erase markers to embellish windows and mirrors, and so much more! Our Chalk Spray is also a fun way to get the perfect design each time. 

The epitome of an open-ended kit, find new ways to beautify your surroundings every time you play.

Child coloring in their ChalkScapes mandala stencil.

5. Fashion Design Studio Kit with Mannequin

Rival today's top designers with your innovative vision and define what's trendy. Hurry, the runway is calling! 

Here's a chance to design your own line of fashionable creations with our Fashion Design Studio Kit with Mannequin.

Your design shop includes 50 pieces, including a fashion sketch book, assorted fabrics and fabric swatches, ribbons, thread, bows, rhinestones, mini markers, sewing needles, scissors, pincushions, clothespins, thimble, tape measure, and a 12"H mannequin.

Fashion Design Kit.

Got the Right Gift for Your Teeniest Picasso?

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