Introducing Holiday Gift Guides!

Holiday Gift Guides

1. Gifts for Day Dreamers

Gifts made to spark their imagination—your Day Dreamers delight in our collection magical play sets, dress-up, and play spaces! Whether they love princess and knights, flights of fancy with magical creatures, or exploring mysterious lands, these gifts will wow and enchant them all year long.

gifts for day dreamers

2. Gifts for Little Builders

From pretend to practical, our Little Builders collection features creative construction play for carpenters and contractors in the making. Hone their skills with pretend-play and functional-play tools to bring their projects to life! 

gifts for little builders

3. Gifts for Creative Kids

Inspired craft kits and open-ended art sets are the perfect gifts for the Creative Kids on your list this year.

gifts for creative kids

4. Gifts for Little Foodies

Mix it up with pretend and practical kitchen play sets! Your little baker or Chef de cuisine in the making cannot resist our foodie-inspired collection. 

gifts for little foodies

5. Gifts for Budding Farmers

Nurture their green thumbs with farm life play—whether they are digging deep into the dirt with functional, kid-sized tools or tending a felt flock, Budding Farmers reap heaps of fun with this collection of gifts.

Gift Guide for Budding Farmers


6. Gifts for Nature Lovers

Celebrate their love of the Natural world with our unique collection of play sets, dress-up, and more! Each gift brings home the beauty and magic of Nature they love.

Gifts for Nature Lovers

7. Gifts for Active Kids

On-the-move kids can’t resist our collection of challenging and fun ways to hone their hand-eye coordination, burn through boundless energy, and perfect their shot! Thinking fast and moving faster, this collection of energy burning, coordination developing, and FUN games and accessories inspired by their favorite sports!

gifts for active kids

8. Gifts for Happy Campers

Bring the Great Outdoors in for your Happy Camper with our woodland-inspired play sets, toys, and play spaces. Wild at heart kids are awestruck by our collection of gifts made just for them!

gifts for happy campers

9. Gifts for Tots + Toddlers

Little ones are filled with wonder and curiosity as they master skills and make milestones. Our collection of gifts features real-life inspired play things and toys that support their development as they grow so playtime is fun and nurturing!

gifts for tots and toddlers

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