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Gather friends and family for a ride on one of our rectangular platform swings, also frequently used in occupational therapy for sensory integration treatments. Ranging from 40”-60”L and holding up to four riders at a time, each swing boasts special individual features such as curved quick-dry mats, over-sized swinging areas, or an optional cover to create a hideout.

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Our selection of Saucer Swings (round disc swings) range from 24”-60” diam. and can hold up to four riders at a time. Children can sit, stand OR lie down while swinging, allowing them to take in different sensory inputs. Choose special features such as bright rope seats, comfy inflatable cushions, or bungee straps.

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Each of these truly unique swings for kids has styles varying as wide as the benefits. All help kids build gross motor and motor planning skills. Ranging from 24”-54”L with aerial spinning hoops, sensory stretchy yoga swings, or climbing rope swings for a 2-in-1 challenge, you’ll find the perfect unique backyard swing.

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Need help picking the best backyard swing for your play space? Our Swing Comparison Guide is your one-stop-shop to select the perfect addition to backyard play. Designed with safety in mind and constructed of top-notch durable materials, every HearthSong swing promises hours of fun—while also building physical, sensory, and cognitive skills through active play. Therapists and parents of children with special needs use and recommend our variety of sensory swings as powerful tools to help children build gross motor skills and balance, calm down and de-stress, and improve focus and body awareness. HearthSong swings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, suitable for ages 3 to adult, offering unique features you won’t find ANYWHERE else—and they all serve a playful purpose. To refine your search for the perfect fit, just be sure to verify the recommended age and weight limit when selecting your swing; or use the Age filter here to narrow down your choices. Ready...Set...Get Swinging!