Father’s Day Backyard Ready Tools and Toys

Father and child playing together with wooden toys in a playroom.

We've known for a long time kids enjoy imitating what they see around them to learn. Or to simply do what you do (because right now, they think you're the coolest person on the planet). Even watching Dad grill a burger or do yard work is an inspiration to the littlest ones.

Want to help Dad out? Or be JUST like him? We have the toys and tools to make it happen! In the spirit of Father's Day, we've rounded up our favorite Father's Day toys perfect for play! 

Father's Day Toys for the Coolest Day (And Kids!)

Build with Dad

Dad and child building a project together

If Dad is a builder, your little ones may want to become tiny builders of their own. Our Stanley Jr. tool and building sets are just the thing to imagine or actually make projects alongside Dad and other builders in the family. 

The Stanley Jr. Tool Belt & 10-piece Tool Set include high-quality tools ergonomically designed for kid-sized hands, and plenty strong enough to last through build after build. This sturdy tool set includes a claw hammer, Phillips head screwdrivers in sizes #1 and #2, a handsaw, bar clamp, metal file, safety goggles, a 10’ tape measure and a kid-size tool belt to keep tools organized and at the ready. A wonderful set designed to bring adults and children together to work side by side.

Each Stanley Jr. Pretend Play Tool sports realistic features the Deluxe Chain Saw has a safe rotating chain, and the Leaf Blower has real air-blowing action. Both have a power trigger, lights, and realistic sounds. The kiddos will love to "work" with dad and mom—learning valuable lessons about responsibility and helping out at home.

Each building kit includes about 20 pieces and 11 or 12 bolts, depending on the model. Wheels turn, hinges move back and forth, and each kit even comes with an operator for awesome construction site pretend play. Choose from a Bulldozer, Dump Truck, Excavator, or Front End Loader.

Looking for the ultimate maker space to have for Father's Day and beyond? Designed to bring adults and children together to work side by side, the Stanley Jr. Wooden Work Bench includes instructions for easy assembly, and a storage rack for the Stanley Jr. 10-piece Tool Set (included). Real tools for kids ready to build and repair real stuff! The spacious, kid-sized work bench measures 24"L x 20"W x 32"H, and the worktop surface is printed with a full-length ruler in both inches and centimeters. Store projects and extra materials on the built-in lower shelf.

Chillin' and Grillin'

Why wait to start grilling? The Jr. Grill Master's Wooden BBQ Grill Set with Accessories brings children their own grilling experience. While Dad makes burgers or his own unique recipe, kids can "grill" veggies and meat. Paired with tongs and play salt and pepper shakers, you can really get things cooking!

The red and black 32"L x 15"W x 25"H sturdy cedar pretend-play grill features a pretend grilling surface, a shelf for storage, and 2 temperature knobs that click when turned. The handle on the side gives the little chef a place to hang her apron or towel. Wheels are stationary; but this grill is so lightweight, it's easy to move from room to room (or patio to the backyard).

Make Something Great...Together

Maybe you're ready for a puzzle-like building challenge. From indoor forts to make into your own hang-out cave to interactive building models when fun beyond the building! You and Dad can both have a blast learning while making something cool along the way. For a great Father's Day toy, try out any of our curated products from UGears, our fort-building kits, and even a pet hedgehog (seriously!). 

Out in the Yard

Child and Dad in the garden, probably planting some veggies!

Does Dad need help out in the yard? Why not help him out? Our kids' gardening tools (perfect for little hands) will not only help out Dad, but teach little ones how to maintain their own yard and garden. From little gardening tools like spades and watering cans to bigger sets like shovels and rakes, if Dad can do it, you can too! 

What are Your Favorite Father's Day Activities?

Do you have a fun tradition with Dad? Did you recently purchase a Hearthsong toy to make the day even cooler? Share it with us @hearthsong_toys! 

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