Please Welcome...UGEARS!

Fully-assembled UGears Windstorm Dragon Model

What happens when you combine ingenuity with creativity? You get dozens of UGears models perfect for whole family play! 

Hearthsong's continued commitment to curating the best innovative creations for multigenerational play led us to make UGears part of our family. UGears models are the buildable kits that take its creators into a different time and place

With three different skill levels (EASY, MEDIUM, and ADVANCED), there are UGears models perfect for casual building or problem-solving missions. Each model comes with laser pre-cut pieces into a high-quality plywood board for easy removal and assembly. For lively, motion models, kits include rubber bands and gears (just add gravity!). 

Plus, kids will have the joy of seeing their creations really come to life. Seriously, some of these are like having your own little wooden pets. (Like the fantastical Windstorm Dragon!) 

You'll start with one, and immediately want them all. 

Keep browsing for just a snapshot of the UGears models we now carry...just for you. 

About UGears

UGears is a 2014 Ukrainian startup with a growing worldwide reputation for producing unique, self-propelled, wooden mechanical DIY models, puzzle boxes and educational toys. Each UGears model has its own mechanical action that will amaze and delight.

Creative Creatures

If you've ever wanted a pet dragon all of your own, UGears makes it possible. Same thing if you've ever wanted a creepy crawly creature and your parents wouldn't let you...until now. 

The Windstorm Dragon Wooden Model Kit comes alive thanks to you, and you're rewarded with the sight of its mechanical heart beating once completed. It's turnkey motor allows for it to come to life and move its entire body. 

The Hexapod Explorer is a moving, insect-like model perfect for nature lovers. It can even crawl on slightly-rough terrain and step over 1-2 cm of obstacles.

Ready for a Challenge?

Keep the challenge going even when the building is done. After assembly, play over and over again with marbles becoming part of amusement park-level adventures. Connect two or more for extended play and wow-factor entertainment for hours! 

Magical and Mythical

Original fans and budding Hogwarts students can both enjoy UGears' line of Harry Potter™ models to create. From the iconic Ford Anglia™ from The Chamber of Secrets to the wacky Knight Bus™ from The Prisoner of Azkaban, to the Hogwarts Express™, recreate the series' iconic moments. Oh, did we mention that the models can move? Magic really does exist!    

Decorative Delights

Antique Box posed on a crocheted white blanket.

Many of UGears' models also double as gorgeous decor and homages to old school cool. From model cars to decadent treasure boxes, there's no shortage of whimsical and wonderful puzzles to complete. Without a doubt, friends will need to know where you got such unique pieces!

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